Excursion destinations

in Obergurgl

Via ferrata

Don't let yourself go. Go yourself! And the best way is on one of the two breathtaking via ferratas around Obergurgl-Hochgurgl.

The entrance to the "Zirbenwald" via ferratawhich leads over a narrow rope bridge, while later you climb past ancient Swiss stone pines into happiness. The family-friendly route, which is suitable for children from the age of 10, can be conquered even without great climbing experience.
Courage and skill are required for the panoramaVia ferrata "Black ridge"which takes you amidst the glacier world of Obergurgl-Hochgurgl.

Tip: The ascent of the high alpine via ferrata can be ideally planned as an (e)Bike & Hike route - the "Gurgler" duathlon is calling!


Hikers and mountaineers, culture fans, day trippers and the hungry:
They all enjoy the direct line to the top in Gurgl.

Mountain railways and lifts provide access to the mountain slopes in the east of the village - along with hiking trails, vantage points, a nature park information point and mountain restaurants.

1.930 - 2670m

  • Mountain gastronomy at the highest level, top location for events
  • Panorama: view of 21 three-thousand-metre peaks
  • Starting point for many hikes
  • spacious playground
  • Nature Park Infopoint "Glaciers - Climate - High-Alpine Research
  • Mountain breakfast NOT included
  • Bike transport only to the middle station

2.147 - 2.839m

  • Valley station integrated into Top Mountain Crosspoint, with top-level gastronomy & Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum
  • Breathtaking view of the Dolomites, Ötztal & Stubai Alps
  • Ascent by cable car
  • Viewing platforms
  • Kirchenkarhütte open

Timmelsjoch - Motorcycle Museum

The Motorcycle Museum at the Top Mountain Crosspoint in Hochgurgl is a clear case of "must see!". While outside motorbike fans are getting ready,

to conquer the dream route over the Timmelsjoch, the exhibition takes you into the world of historic two-wheelers. It's not only the dedicated fans who will go into raptures at Europe's highest motorbike museum. Even those who have nothing else to do with motorbikes will be thrilled by the interplay of architecture and exhibits.

Hiking routes around Gurgl

The "Tyrol's Glacier Village" is an Eldorado for mountaineers. Situated at 1,930 m in the middle of the Ötztal Nature Park, Gurgl is an excellent starting point for

High-mountain and glacier tours, easy high-altitude hikes and cross-border primeval trails. The trails lead through blossoming alpine rose mats, alpine meadows and lonely mountain flanks all the way to the eternal ice. On your own, with a private mountain guide or as part of the hiking programme, the tours are sure to be an experience. However, metres in altitude cannot only be mastered with muscle power. Thanks to mountain railways, the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road and the hiking bus, high-altitude paths, vantage points and refreshment stops on the upper level are within easy reach. A pleasant side effect: pure mountain air and cooler temperatures make a hiking holiday in Gurgl a real adventure. Health cure for body and mind. The effective whole-body training on the highest Nordic High Walking Trail also has a positive effect on well-being.

Adventure Trail Swiss Pine Forest

Rarely beautiful: the Obergurgl Swiss Pine Forest
Swiss stone pines often brave wind and weather all by themselves in the high mountains. A 20-hectare enclosed

Swiss stone pine forest, as it extends near Obergurgl from 1,950 m to 2,100 m on the northern slopes of the Schönwieskopf, is therefore something very special. Since 1963 it has been designated and protected as a natural monument in the UNESCO biosphere park "Gurgler Kamm".
On the theme trail, interested visitors learn all kinds of interesting facts about the Swiss stone pine, the forest dwellers (e.g. the Eurasian Nutcracker), the fauna and anecdotes about local people. By means of interactive offers such as a telescope, the curious can explore the surroundings and, for example, keep an eye out for bears, cats and monkeys - that's what male, female and young marmots are called in hunter's language.

Nature Park Infopoint & Hohe Mut

High-alpine research you can touch
In Obergurgl sit natural history
interested guests, so to speak
at the source:

The nature park exhibition in the Hohe Mut Alm at an altitude of 2,670 m provides you with interesting information on the main topics of "Glaciers - Climate - High Alpine Research". With a view of the mighty glaciers of the Rotmoos and Gaisberg valleys, the content is particularly close.

Piccard Bridge - Ramolhaus

A tightrope act on the Gurgler Ferner
Dizzyingly high, but secured all around: that's the adventure of the suspension bridge at the back of the Gurgler Valley.

describe. Since summer 2017, the 142 m long bridge has spanned the deep gorge between the two sides of the valley and provides an important connection between Langtalereckhütte and Ramolhaus. The structure was named after the famous balloonist Auguste Piccard.

Alpine time out

Enjoy at the highest level
Gurgl. Alpine time-out. Away from the hustle and bustle. Out in nature.
This is relaxation and recreation. Gurgl is the opposite of everyday life.

The holidaymaker clears his head while hiking, mountaineering, climbing and biking. High-alpine regions are reached in no time. Walking and seeing. Hiking and feeling good. Wellness indoors and outdoors in nature. Enjoying the high quality of the hotels and restaurants. A different world. In Gurgl, time does not stand still. In Gurgl, time does not pass more slowly. But Gurgl is time that lasts.

Alpine views

Rise high and look deep
You can feel Gurgl. Gurgl touches the soul. Wind, sun, light - everything so intense.
The clear air lets you see far, it lets you see deep.

The green that only exists here. The blue that caresses the mountain peaks. Foraging streams, thundering waterfalls, tranquil mountain lakes. Grandiose views. No matter whether you come up on foot or use the mountain railways. See and feel - that is Gurgl.

Huts Obergurgl

Stretch your legs, eat and enjoy the view
Lots of nature, fresh air and high altitude sun: being out and about in the mountains around Gurgl is food for the soul.

But the body also demands - and rightly so - a tasty snack along the way. The huts and mountain restaurants serve regional delicacies that taste twice as good in view of the panorama. Some of the places to stop for refreshments are within easy reach of the valley floor or the mountain railway stations, while others only come into view after a longer walk. But no matter how many steps are on the counter: Hikers are warmly welcomed and deliciously served everywhere.


The Ramol House lies at 3,005 m
and was discovered in 1881 on the Köpfle below the Spiegelkogel by the
Mountain guide Martinus
Scheiber built.

The hut and restaurant have been completely renovated. Wonderful view from the sun terrace of the valley head with its glaciers.
The "Gurgler Ferner" within reach!


In the middle of the Ötztal Alps, away from the groomed pistes, modernity & tradition were combined
impressively to a place
of tranquillity and
cosiness combined.

Welcome to the Schönwieshütte in Obergurgl.

Walking time approx. 1.5 hrs - fantastic view INCLUSIVE.

The young, motivated team will spoil you with homemade delicacies and local dishes.
We look forward to your visit!

High courage

On the unique ridge of the "High Courage we offer Tyrolean mountain gastronomy at the highest level. Lots of wood shapes the cosy Tyrolean-style hut in

the parlours and on the sun terrace. Cosy parlours, the wine cellar and the sociable bar with open fireplace create an ambience of well-being.


The picturesque village of Zwieselstein, situated at the end of the Ötztal valley, serves as a starting point for many a mountain tour. For a spontaneous, short and easy tour

A hike to the Sahnestüberl.

An ideal meeting place to sample Tyrolean specialities and delicacies.


The Lenzenalm (1,896 m).
Rustic alpine pasture, in the middle of the nature of the Ötztal Alps with a unique view of the surrounding mountain and glacier world.


The Timmelsjoch-The Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road to South Tyrol is one of the most iconic pass roads in the Alps and inspires the "Timmelsjoch experience" along the way.

The popular Timmelbus also runs on it, which is ideal for hikes in South Tyrol or makes it easier to get back to Gurgl via the Timmelsjoch after a tour.


The Langtalereck Hut is located at the entrance to the Langtal valley with a magnificent view of the Gurgler glacier. The hut is open in summer and winter.

Tyrolean cuisine
Meat specialities, pasta dishes, vegetarian food, mountaineer's food, meat and dairy products from our own farm, half board possible Beds and matress dormitories

Summer: open from mid-June to the end of September