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Being active in Obergurgl - the diamond of the Alps
Here in the "Gletscherdorf Tirolers" at 1,930 metres above sea level, you breathe crystal-clear, almost pollen-free high mountain air. The varied landscape with its many three-thousand metre peaks brings movement into your summer holiday.


Gurgl, situated in the middle of the Ötztal Alps, is an excellent starting point for glacier and high mountain tours up to 3,000 metres above sea level, but also ideally suited for easy high-altitude hikes with magnificent distant views. The pure mountain air in the midst of high alpine nature provides a true health cure for body and soul.
Our host Mario Gufler, a certified ski and hiking guide, will also take you to the most beautiful places here with us in the Ötztal. With him, the tours are sure to be a special experience!

in the high alpine OBERGURGL

Obergurgl and the Ötztal are the climbing paradise in Tyrol and one of the top climbing areas in Austria. A total of 750 different climbing routes, 20 climbing gardens and 8 via ferratas ensure endless variety on the rock for both via ferrata enthusiasts and sport climbers. The family-friendly climbing garden "Zirbenwald" here with us in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl is particularly suitable for climbing-enthusiastic children.


With its top location in the Ötztal valley, Obergurgl-Hochgurgl offers all cycling enthusiasts a great variety: whether it's a leisurely bike tour with a stop for refreshments, challenging bike routes with many metres of altitude or varied bike trails - you can hardly get enough of the bike routes in our gigantic 3000-metre mountain scenery. The Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road, one of the most legendary racing bike passes and also the border between Tyrol and South Tyrol, is right on our doorstep. A must for every passionate racing cyclist!


in Obergurgl

Magnificent distant views over the Ötztal Alps, mountain climbing up to 3,000 metres above sea level, purest mountain air in the midst of high alpine nature. Ötztal in Tyrol, and here especially Obergurgl, brings movement into your summer holiday.

 If you think that only experienced mountaineers get their money's worth up here in the high alpine terrain, you are mistaken. More than 1,000 kilometres of well-developed and varied hiking trails allow even the less fit holidaymakers to experience the adventure.

3 Seasons

1 Fascination

Fascinating impressions await the active holiday guest in Obergurgl. From rugged rock formations to lovely alpine meadows, from rushing waterfalls to challenging mountain ranges for the experienced mountaineer.

 And as multifaceted as the landscape in the Ötztal is, as different are the seasons that allow hikers to actively experience the mountains. Spring is captivating with its colourful reawakening from the snowy winter. The air is crystal clear and, with the exception of a few high alpine routes, most of the mountains can already be climbed in spring, either alone or with a guide.

The Ramolhaus at the back of the Gurgler Valley is an insider's tip for climbers who are sure-footed and free from vertigo. Here you can climb up to 3,000 m. An unforgettable nature experience during your Ötztal holiday! In summer, the altitude of Obergurgl guarantees refreshing holidays at 1,900 metres. Why not treat yourself to a hearty jump into the water of the many crystal-clear mountain lakes on your way down from your hike or mountain tour. What a relief! Autumn, with its yellow, orange and red hues, tempts you to hike from alpine pasture to alpine pasture. Regional delicacies are served at the hut stop, or you sit down on the soft grass with your filled backpack and enjoy the unmistakable light of the sun, which makes autumn the most beautiful hiking and mountaineering season of the year.


in the high alpine Obergurgl

Climbing gardens, via ferratas, own climbing camps. The Ötztal is the climbing paradise in Tyrol.
750 different routes, 20 climbing gardens and
8 via ferrata
inspire even the most demanding climber. 

Our climbing-enthusiastic guests at Hotel Alpenland can hardly wait for the snow to melt and make way for spring. Finally get back to the rocks and feel every single fibre of your body. Concentration, a good feeling for your body, passion and a head for heights are what you should bring with you when Mountains of the Ötztal feel it up close want. The attraction of climbing lies in using one's own physical strength to scale almost impregnable rocks, overcoming one's own limits as one's fingers seek a foothold on the wall and one's gaze is directed towards the eagerly awaited goal. The summit.

In autumn, when the days get shorter and the magic of this special season captivates all climbing fans, climbing is in high season. Right here in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, the two via ferrata routes promise Swiss stone pine forest and Black ridge Pure adrenaline. The second requires climbing experience. The ascent takes about 2.5 hours. Swiss stone pine forest on the other hand, is ideal for Families with kids from 10 years and is only a 20 minute walk from our Hotel Alpenland.

Climbers' Paradise

for the whole family

In summer, an excursion into the vertical is a wonderfully refreshing pleasure. The reward for the exertion is the panoramic view of the Ötztal mountains. An indescribable feeling of freedom opens up!

Climbing has become an absolute trend sport in recent years and fascinates active holidaymakers of every generation. Even the little ones can prove their skills here in the Ötztal. The equipment is provided, you bring along the desire to move, and off you go. The numerous climbing courses in the Ötztal offer something for all levels. Our own family climbing gardens, such as in Ötz or Oberried, provide an introduction to the world of vertical climbing for the whole family.


the secret gate to the south

The drive over the Timmelsjoch is an experience in itself. The many attractions and sights, such as the motorbike museum in the Top Mountain Crosspoint on the way over the Timmelsjoch, are in any case one more reason to choose this high alpine road for the route across the Alps.

Low allergen

Breathe a sigh of relief in Obergurgl


Obergurgl is almost pollen-free due to its altitude at 1930 m above sea level.
Allergy sufferers and health-conscious people are in exactly the right place here. In addition to the maritime regions, the high mountain climate offers optimal conditions for an allergen-free or at least allergen-reduced stay.

Due to the low irritant altitude air, pollen allergy sufferers have few problems here even during the main flowering season. The annoying house dust mites also have no chance of survival due to the altitude and the thin air.

  • The lack of pollen in the air at high altitudes,
  • the low occurrence of mites and house dust, and
  • the reduced content of mould spores

are three factors that make the high-altitude climate "allergen-free". Even a two-week, but better a three-week holiday brings noticeable relief and relief for those affected and positive after-effects long after the holiday. In the pure mountain air, summer visitors can breathe deeply and carefree.

Sport, fun and excitement

A wide range of alternatives
for all those who want to leave their shoes in the corner for once:
- Downhill & Trail
- Rafting
- Canyoning

Excursion destinations

Discover the numerous excursion destinations in and around Gurgl.
Excursion destinations

What else is there to discover?

- Längenfeld Thermal Baths
Soothing warmth & more
- Mountain railways in Obergurgl
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Those who love the freedom of not being bound to fixed (meal) times and appreciate all the comforts of a luxurious holiday home will find the perfect holiday home in our house. Centrally located, you can reach the village centre with its large selection of restaurants, bars and cafés, the Obergurgl ski school, various sports shops and much more in just a few minutes.

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